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    BRUNSCHWIG J. & LLOYD G. w. PELLEGRIN P. - Le Savoir Grec - SKU: 13545

    Dictionnaire critique. Flammarion 1997. Large 8vo. D/w. 1095pp. Col. pls. bb6


    BRUNSCHWIG, LLOYD & PELLEGRIN (ed.) - The Greek Pursuit of Knowledge. - SKU: 12929

    Translated under the direction of Catherine Porter. Harvard, U.P.2003. Paperback. As new. C6


    BURKERT W. - Greek Religion - SKU: 35255

    Archaic and Classical. Trans. by J.Raffan. Oxford, Basil Blackwell, 1985. Hardback w. d/w. Sig. of R.G.M.Nisbet. Almost as new. D4


    BURNET, JOHN - Early Greek Philosophy - SKU: 80922

    London 1930 A.& C. Black 4th edition, reprinted 1975 pp. viii + 375. Hardback with dust jacket. Sig. on front fep. Very good condition.  [DAS]


    BURNS T. - Aristotle and Natural Law - SKU: 25175

    London, Continuum, 2011. Stiff boards. As new. E5


    BURNYEAT M. - The Theaetetus of Plato - SKU: 35499

    With a translation by M.J.Levett, revised by M.Burnyeat. Hackett Publishing Company, 1990. Paperback. Pencil sig. T2


    CALAME C. - Mythe et histoire dans l Antiquite grecque - SKU: 34822

    La creation symbolique d’une colonie. Lausanne, Payot, 1996. Paperback. Inscribed by author, o/w. as new. C2


    CAMP J. VAN & CANART P. - Le Sens du Mot - SKU: 9620

    Universite de Louvain 1956. Card wraps, yellowed & worn at spine tail. Binding sl. loose. E5


    CAPUCCINO C. - Filosofi e Rapsodi - SKU: 34969

    Testo, traduzione e commento dello Ione platonico. Bologna, CLUEB 2005. Paperback. Inscribed by author. S3


    CARSANA C. & SCHETTINO M. (ed). - Utopia e Utopie nel Pensiero storico antico - SKU: 10652

    Roma, L’Erma di Bretschneider 2008. Card wraps w. d/w. As new. Pub. @ �110. C6


    CESSI, VIVIANA - Erkennen und Handeln in der Theorie des Tragischen bei Aristoteles - SKU: 82792

    Beiträge zur klassischen Philologie Band 180. Frankfurt am Main 1989 Athenäum Verlag. pp. xix + 307. Hardback in ivory cloth, brown titles on cover and spine. No dust jacket. Faint water mark on text block, but very good condition.  [JM]


    CHADWICK - Priscillian of Avila - SKU: 33655

    The Occult and the Charismatic in the Early Church. Oxford U.P.1976. Hardback w. d/w. D/w. faded on spine. Light spottng on page edges, o/w. jj4


    CHARLES D. - Aristotle on Meaning and Essence. - SKU: 11277

    Oxford U.P.2000. D/w. Author’s inscription, o/w., as new. T2


    CHIALA S. (ed.) - I Detti Islamici di Gesu - SKU: 19191

    Traduzione di Ignazio de Francesco. Arnoldo Monadori Editore, 2009. D/w. New. Still in shrink wrap. F4


    CHILTON, C.W. (ed. and transl.) - Diogenes of Oenanda: The Fragments - SKU: 82817

    A Translation and Commentary. Oxford 1971 University of Hull Publications. pp. xlviii + 141; 8 plates, 1 map. Hardback with dust jacket. Jacket rubbed, spine sunned, otherwise very good.  [Res]


    COBB W.S. - Plato’s Erotic Dialogues. - SKU: 11567

    The Symposium and the Phaedrus translated w. commentaries. New York State U.P. 1993. Stiff bds. bb1