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    BODEUS R. - The Political Dimensions of Aristotle’s Ethics. - SKU: 14592

    Trans. J. Garrett. State University of New York, 1993. P/b. As new. aa3


    BOHNENKAMP K.E. - Die horazische Strophe - SKU: 24269

    Studien zur Lex Meinekiana. Hildesheim, Georg Olms, 1972. Spudasmata XXX. Card wraps. Gd. G2


    BOLLACK J. & LAKS A. - Epicure a Pythocles - SKU: 34661

    Sur la cosmologie et les phenomenes meteorologiques. Cahiers de Philologie 3. Lille U.P.1978. Card wraps. Short ink note by author. bb2


    BOLLACK J., BOLLACK M., & WISEMANN H. - La Lettre d’Epicure - SKU: 27989

    Paris, Les Editions de Minuit, 1971. Paperback. Inscr. by author. Gd. bb3


    BOLOTIN D. - Plato’s Dialogue on Friendship - SKU: 33921

    An Interpretation of the Lysis, with a New Translation. Cornell U.P.1979. Hardback w. d/w. Sig. D4


    BONAZZI, MAURO and TRABATTONI, FRANCO (edd.) - Platone e la Tradizione Platonica: Studi di filosofia antica - SKU: 82943

    Università degli studi di Milano Quaderni di Acme 58. Milan 2003 Cisalpino/Monduzzi Editore. pp. xi + 337. Card covers. Review copy. As new.  [Res]


    BONELLI, M. - Alessandro di Afrodisia e la metafisica come scienza dimostrativa - SKU: 15966

    Elenchos 35. Bibliopolis, C.N.R. 2001. Cardwraps. Bkpl. of RW. Sharples. V. gd. bb2


    BREMMER J.N. - The Rise and Fall of the Afterlife - SKU: 33379

    The 1995 Read-Tuckwell Lectures at the University of Bristol. London, Routledge, 2002. Stiff boards. Small mark on front board, o/w almost as new. C4


    BRICKHOUSE, THOMAS and SMITH, NICHOLAS D. - Socrates on Trial - SKU: 82718

    Oxford 1989 Clarendon Press 1st paperback printing 1990. pp. xi + 337. Paperback. Sig. on front end paper. Top front corner creased, otherwise very good condition.  [DAS]


    BRICKHOUSE, THOMAS C. and SMITH, NICHOLAS D. - Plato’s Socrates - SKU: 82721

    New York NY 1994 Oxford University Press Inc. pp. xiv + 240. Hardback with dust jacket. Sig. on front end paper, otherwise as new.  [DAS]


    BRISSET J. - Les Idees Politiques de Lucain - SKU: 35795

    Paris, Les Belles Lettres, 1964. Card wraps. Pages uncut. T7


    BRISSON L. - Plato the Myth Maker. - SKU: 7915

    Trans., ed. & intro. by Gerard Naddaf. University of Chicago Press. 1998. P/b. aa2


    BRISSON L. & MEYERSTEIN F.W. - Inventer L’univers - SKU: 34643

    Le probleme de la connaissance et les modeles cosmologiques. Paris, Les Belles Lettres, 1991. Paperback. Almost as new. bb2


    BRUMBAUGH R.S. & WELLS R. (eds.) - The Plato Manuscripts - SKU: 31649

    A New Index. Yale U.P.1968. Card wraps. Covers soiled and browned on spine. Pencil sig. Gd. T7


    BRUNSCHWIG J. - Papers in Hellenistic philosophy - SKU: 35209

    Trans. by J.Lloyd. Cambridge U.P.1994. Hardback. Almost as new. T3


    BRUNSCHWIG J. & LLOYD G. (eds.) - A Guide to Greek Thought. - SKU: 13077

    Major Figures and Trends. Translated under the direction of Catherine Porter. The Belknap Press of Harvard U.P.2003. Paperback. As new. A1