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    ARISTOTLE (ed. and transl. BARKER, ERNEST) - The Politics of Aristotle - SKU: 80933

    Translated with an introduction, notes and appendixes by Ernest Barker. Oxford 1946 Oxford University Press Inc. paperback edition 1958. pp. lxxvi + 411. Paperback. Very good condition.  [DAS]


    ARISTOTLE (ed. and transl. IRWIN, TERENCE) - Aristotle: The Nicomachean Ethics - SKU: 80928

    Translated with Introduction, Notes and Glossary by Terence Irwin. Indianapolis IN 1999 Hackett 2nd edition. pp. xxviii + 360. Paperback. Sig on front end paper. Very good condition.  [DAS]


    ARISTOTLE (ed. and transl. KRAUT, R.) - Aristotle: Politics Books VII and VIII - SKU: 81384

    Translated with a commentary by Richard Kraut. Clarendon Aristotle Series. Oxford 1997 Clarendon Press, reprinted 2009. pp. x + 229. Paperback. New book.


    ARISTOTLE (ed. and transl. ROBINSON, R.) - Aristotle Politics Books III and IV - SKU: 81264

    Translated with an Introduction and Commentary by Richard Robinson. Clarendon Aristotle Series. Oxford 1962 Clarendon Press. Hardback with dust jacket in Mylar sleeve. Very good condition.


    ARISTOTLE (ed. and transl. SAUNDERS, T.J.) - Aristotle: Politics Books I-II - SKU: 81386

    Translated with a commentary by Trevor J. Saunders. Clarendon Aristotle Series. Oxford 1995 Clarendon Press, reprinted 2002. pp. xvi + 194. Paperback. New book.


    ARISTOTLE (ed. HALLIWELL, STEPHEN) - The Poetics of Aristotle: Translation and Commentary - SKU: 82790

    London 1987 Gerald Duckworth. pp. viii + 197. Paperback. Spine creased, otherwise good condition.  [JM]


    ARISTOTLE (ed. JOACHIM, H.H., rev. REES, D.A.) - Aristotle: The Nicomachean Ethics - SKU: 82988

    Oxford 1951 Clarendon Press 1st edition. pp. vii + 304. Hardback, no dust jacket. Sig. Offset discoloration on front and back fep, otherwise very good condition.  [DAS]


    ARISTOTLE (ed. McKEON, RICHARD) - Introduction to Aristotle - SKU: 87143

    Edited with a general introduction and introduction to the particular works by Richard McKeon. New York NY 1947 Random House Modern Library. pp. xxix + 667; publisher’s notices. Hardback in brown cloth, gilt titles on green label. Good condition.  [AP]


    ARISTOTLE (transl RADICE, R. et al.) - Politica - SKU: 36961

    Trad. di R. Radice e T.Gargiulo, comm. di D.Keyt e R.Kraut. Fondazio Lorenzo Valla 2014/15. Two volumes, pp. cxlii + 466; xxxix + 558. Hardbacks with dust jackets. Both as new. L


    ARISTOTLE (transl REEVE, C.D.C) - Aristotle: Politics - SKU: 80927

    Translated by C.D.C. Reeve. Indianapolis IN 1998 Hackett. pp. lxxxi + 288; 1 map. Paperback. Sig. on front end paper. Very good condition.  [DAS]


    ARISTOTLE (transl. BOSTOCK, DAVID) - Aristotle: Metaphysics Books Z and H - SKU: 80926

    Clarendon Aristotle Series. Translated with a Commentary by David Bostock. Oxford 1994 Clarendon Press, reprinted 2003. pp. xii + 301. Paperback. Sig. on front end paper. As new.  [DAS]


    ARMSTRONG, A.H. - An Introduction to Ancient Philosophy - SKU: 87145

    London 1965 Methuen UP reprinted 1984. pp. xviii + 242. Paperback. Good condition.  [AP]


    ARONADIO, FRANCESCO - Procedure e Verità in Platone - SKU: 34938

    Menone Cratilo Repubblica. Elenchos XXXVIII. Rome 2002 Bibliopolis. Card wraps. Almost as new. E3


    ARWEILER A. & MOLLER M. (ed.) - Vom Selbst-Verstandnis in Antike und Neuzeit. - SKU: 14621

    Notions of the Self in Antiquity and Beyond. TA.8. Berlin, Gruyter. 2008. Stiff bds. As new. aa3


    ASTERIUS OF AMASEA - Homilies I-XIV - SKU: 23361

    Text, introduction and notes by C. Datema. Leiden, E.J.Brill 1970. Hardback. S3


    ATHANASSIADI P. - Vers La Pensee Unique - SKU: 17163

    La montee de L’intolerance dans L’Antiquite tardive. Paris, Les Belles Lettres, 2010. Paperback. As new. C2