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    ARISTOTELIS (ARISTOTLE) - De Insomniis et de Divinatione per Somnum - SKU: 29667

    A new edition of the Greek text with the Latin translation by H.Drossaart Lulofs. 2 vols. Leiden, E.J.Brill, 1947. 12mo.  Card wraps, sl. browned at edges. Gd. B6


    ARISTOTLE - Alexander of Aphrodisias - SKU: 1388

    On Aristotle Prior Analytics 1.1-7. Transl. Jonathan Barnes, Susanne Bobzien, Kevin Flannery, S.J. & Katerina Ierodiakonou. London, Duckworth & Co.1991. D/w. with sl. tear in corner, o/w aa1


    ARISTOTLE - On Sleep and Dreams. - SKU: 11174

    Text and Translation with Introduction, Notes and Glossary by David Gallop. Broadway Press, 1990. D/w. Sig. of Michael Woods. C2


    ARISTOTLE - De Partibus Animalium I. - SKU: 11821

    and De Generatione Animalium I. (with passages from II. 1-3). Trans. by D.M.Balme. Oxford U.P.1992. Paperback. A2


    ARISTOTLE - The Politics and The Constitution of Athens. - SKU: 17723

    Ed. S. Everson. Various translators. Cambridge U.P.1996. Paperback. Almost as new. BX5


    ARISTOTLE - On Sleep and Dreams - SKU: 27589

    A text and translation etc. by D.Gallop. Ontario, Broadview Press, 1990. Hardback w. d/w. Bkpl. of R.W. Sharples. bb5


    ARISTOTLE - Poetics - SKU: 28439

    Mit Einleitung, Text und Adnotatio Critica….. und Indices… von A.Gudeman. Berlin, W. de Gruyter. 1934. Rebound in buckram. 495pp. Sig. of E.W.Handley. A good copy. T1


    ARISTOTLE - Politics, Books III & IV - SKU: 30125

    Translated with Introduction and Comments by R.Robinson. Oxford U.P.1962. Hardback w. d/w. Spine of d/w. dulled, o/w. gd. S5


    ARISTOTLE - Constitution of Athens - SKU: 31431

    Ed. J.E.Sandys. 2nd edn.,rev. London, MacMillan, 1912. Original cloth.  Pages sl. yellowed. Gd. T2


    ARISTOTLE - Metaphysics Book TH. - SKU: 31731

    Trans. by S.Makin. Oxford U.P.2006. Paperback. Almost as new. bb3


    ARISTOTLE - The Politics - SKU: 32659

    With introduction, essays and notes by W.L. Newman. 4 vols. Original editions. Oxford U.P. 1887,87, 1902, 02. Vols 1 & 2 orig. cloth, vols 3 & 4 have had library rebinds in blue buckram. Lib. bkpls. in first 2 vols. A little wear to bindings, but generally a solid set. H4


    ARISTOTLE - The Politics and The Constitution of Athens - SKU: 33889

    Ed. S.Everson. Rev. student edn. Cambridge U.P.1996. Paperback. Almost as new. Translation by Jowett. B5


    ARISTOTLE - On Coming-to-be and Passing Away - SKU: 33929

    A revised text w. intro. and commentary by H.H.Joachim. Hildesheim, Georg Olms, 1970 (Reprint of 1922 edn.). Hardback. Sig. A3


    ARISTOTLE - Physics I, II - SKU: 33975

    Trans. by W.Charlton. Oxford U.P.1970. Paperback. A3


    ARISTOTLE - Eudemian Ethics, Books I, II & VIII - SKU: 33993

    Trans. by M.Woods. Oxford U.P.1982. Paperback. A5


    ARISTOTLE - Nicomachean Ethics - SKU: 35801

    Trans. by T.Irwin. Hackett, 1985. Paperback. Foxing on page edges, o/w. gd. aa3