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    - Plato: The Martyrdom of Socrates - SKU: 87134

    APOLOGY and CRITO with selections from PHAEDO, partly in the original and partly in translation. Edited with introduction, notes and vocabulary by F.C. Doherty. London 1991 Gerald Duckworth/BCP reprint of Oxford 1923 Clarendon Press original. pp. 112. Paperback. Very good condition.  [AP]


    ABBAMONTE, RESCIGNO & ROSSI (eds) - Satura - SKU: 18137

    Collectanea Philologica Italo Gallo.   Arte Tipografica, 1999. Card wraps. Library stamps and label. Bkpl. of R.W. Sharples. D3


    ACKRILL J.L. - A New Aristotle Reader - SKU: 31609

    Oxford U.P.2004. Paperback. S2


    ADKINS A.W. - Merit and Responsibility: A Study in Greek Values - SKU: 28177

    Oxford U.P.1970. Hardback, w. d/w. D/w. is price-clipped. Plastic protective cover. Bkpl. A5


    ADORNO F. (ed.) - Studi su Codici e Papiri Filosofici - SKU: 35943

    Platone, Aristotele, Ierocle. Firenze, Leo S.Olschki, 1992. Studi CXXIX. Card wraps. 14 plates.


    AESCHINES - Oeuvres - SKU: 10593

    2 vols. Contre Timarque, sur L’Ambassade infidele, contre Ctesiphon, Lettres. Texte etabli et traduit par V. Martin & G. de Bude. 3rd & 2nd.edns. Card wraps, sl. soiled & worn.


    ALEXANDER OF APHRODISIAS - On Aristotle Metaphysics 5 - SKU: 27731

    Trans. W.E.Dooley SJ. London, Duckworth, 1993. Hardback w. d/w. As new. bb3


    ALEXANDER of APHRODISIAS trans. LEWIS, ERIC - On Aristotle Meterology 4 - SKU: 36435

    London 1996 Duckworth. pp.186. hardback, no dust jacket. Near fine.  bb4


    ALLEN R.E. - Socrates and Legal Obligation - SKU: 33391

    Minnesota U.P.1980. Paperback. Gd. B4


    ANDO C. (ed). - Roman Religion - SKU: 13285

    Edinburgh Readings on the Ancient World series. Edinburgh U.P. 2003. P/b. As new. aa2


    ANNAS J. (ed.) - Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy Vol. I - SKU: 34710

    Oxford U.P.1983. Paperback. Sig. B1


    ANNAS, J. (ed) - Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy Volume I - SKU: 36629

    Oxford 1983 OUP. pp. x + 267. Hardback without dust jacket. Protective plastic cover. Near fine. aa2


    ANTON J.P. - Aristotle - SKU: 18535

    London Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1957. D/w., torn and yellowed, sig., o/w. gd. bb1


    ARISTOTE (ARISTOTLE) - Le Second Livre de L Economique - SKU: 29943

    Edite avec une introduction et un commentaire critique et explicatif par B. van Groningen. Leiden, A.W. Sijthoff 1933. Hardback. Sig. of Peter Fraser. T1


    ARISTOTELES/ ARISTOTLE - Magna Moralia - SKU: 32829

    Ubersetzt und kommentiert von F. Dirlweier. Werke 8. 2nd.edn. Berlin, Akademie Verlag 1966. Hardback. Front internal hinge cracked, o/w. gd. bb2


    ARISTOTELIS (ARISTOTLE) - De Insomniis et de Divinatione per Somnum - SKU: 29667

    A new edition of the Greek text with the Latin translation by H.Drossaart Lulofs. 2 vols. Leiden, E.J.Brill, 1947. 12mo.  Card wraps, sl. browned at edges. Gd. B6