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    WOODHEAD A.G. - Thucydides on the Nature of Power - SKU: 27841

    Harvard U.P.1970. Hardback w. sl. soiled d/w., o/w. gd. gg1


    WOODMAN T. & POWELL J. (eds.) - Author and Audience in Latin Literature. - SKU: 24459

    Cambridge U.P.1992. D/w. As new. E1


    WOODMAN, TONY and POWELL, JONATHAN (edd.) - Author and Audience in Latin Literature - SKU: 82907

    Cambridge 1992 CUP 1st edition. pp. xiv + 276. Hardback with dust jacket. As new.  [JM]


    WOOTEN C.W. - Cicero’s Philippics and Their Demosthenic Model - SKU: 34487

    The Rhetoric of Crisis. North Carolina U.P.1983. Hardback w. d/w.,  sl. faded on spine. Gd. hh4


    WORDSWORTH, REV. C. - Athens and Attica - SKU: 33053

    Journal of A Residence There. New edn. ed. by G.Brisch Originally published in 1836. Oxford, 3rdguides, 2004. Paperback. As new. S1


    WORTHINGTON I. - A Historical Commentary on Dinarchus - SKU: 34103

    Rhetoric and Conspiracy in Later Fourth-Century Athens. Michigan U.P.1995. Paperback. As new. B6


    WORTHINGTON, IAN - Voice into Text. Orality and Literacy in Ancient Greece - SKU: 36277

    Leiden 1996. E.J.Brill. Supplement 157 to Mnemosyne. pp. x+232. Hardback with dust jacket. Fine condition, as new.  D3


    WYCHERLEY R.E. - Athenian Agora III - SKU: 28745

    Literary and Epigraphical Testimonia. Princeton NJ 1957 American School at Athens. Quarto. Hardback in blue cloth, Gilt titles. Spine faded, o/w. gd. Sig. of E.W.Handley. C7


    XENOPHON - Memorabilia - SKU: 26435

    Ed. by J.Marshall. Oxford U.P.1890. 12 mo. Hardback. Lacks front free endpaper, o/w. gd. S1


    XENOPHON - Xenophon: Oeconomicus. A Social and Historical Commentary - SKU: 29829

    Ed. w. trans. by S. B. Pomeroy. Oxford U.P., 1994. Hardback w. d/w. Parallel Greek/English text. As new. s4


    XENOPHON - Opuscula Politica Equestria et Venatica - SKU: 35913

    Cum Arriani Libello de Venatione. Ed. L.Dindorf. Oxford U.P.1866. Orig. cloth. worn paper label.Sig. Contents v. gd. Cc1


    XENOPHON - On Government: Three Texts, Edited with Commentaries by Vivienne J.Gray - SKU: 36587

    Cambridge 2007 CUP. pp. x + 231. Paperback. Very good condition. S5


    XENOPHON OF EPHESUS - De Anthia et Habrocome Ephesiacorum Libri V - SKU: 32173

    Graece et Latine. Ed. A. Locella. Vindobonae, apud A. Blumaver 1796. Hardback. Orig. paper boards, now worn. Spine worn & label defective. Occ. foxing, o/w. contents gd. A sound copy, but not attractive. T2


    XENOPHONES OF COLOPHON - Fragments - SKU: 29835

    Text & translation w. commentary by J.H. Lesher. University of Toronto Press, 1992. Hardback.


    YOUTIE H.C. - The Textual Criticism of Documentary Papyri - SKU: 28897

    Prolegomena. Second edn. Bulletin suppl 33. London, Institute of Classical Studies 1974. 4to. Card wraps. Some photo pls. Gd. T5


    ZAGAGI N. - The Comedy of Menander - SKU: 26509

    Convention, Variation and Originality. London, Duckworth, 1994. Hardback w. d/w. T7