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    ANDERSON G. - Sage, Saint & Sophist - SKU: 23901

    Holy Men and Their Associates in the Early Roman Empire. London, Routledge, 1994. D/w. As new. G5


    ANDERSON J.K. - Xenophon - SKU: 24333

    London 1974 Gerald Duckworth. pp. ix + 205; 13 plates and 2 maps. Hardback with dust jacket. Small area of silverfish trails on boards, otherwise very good condition.


    ANDRE J. - L Alimentation et La Cuisine a Rome - SKU: 30861

    Paris, Les Belles Lettres, 1981. Card wraps w. d/w. Contents sl. yellowed, o/w. v.gd. T1


    ANDREWES, ANTONY - The Greeks - SKU: 36379

    London 1967 Hutchinson. pp. xxvi + 292. Hardback no dust jacket. Sig. of Peter Fraser. Very good condition. Kk3


    ARCHER, FISCHLER, WYKE (ed). - Women in Ancient Societies - SKU: 6987

    Al Illusion of the Night. London, MacMillan1994. Hardback. V.gd. ff1


    ARISTARCHUS of SAMOS - The Ancient Copernicus - SKU: 29263

    A History of Greek Astronomy to Aristarchus, together with Aristarchus’s Treatise on the Sizes and Distances of the Sun and Moon. Ed. and transl. with notes by Sir Thomas Heath. Oxford 1913 OUP; 1997 Sandpiper reprint. pp. vi + 425. Hardback with dust jacket. As new. T3


    ARISTOFANE - Le Nuvole - SKU: 36957

    A cura di G. Guidorizzi, intro.e trad.di D.Del Corno. Fondazione Lorenzo Valla, 1996. pp. lxi + 386. Hardback with dust jacket. As new. L


    ASHBY, CLIFFORD - Classical Greek Theatre: New Views of an Old Subject - SKU: 36307

    Iowa City 1999. University of Iowa Press. pp xix + 191. Illustrations. Hardback with dust jacket. Sig. Fine condition. mm1


    ASHLEY J.R. - The Macedonian Empire - SKU: 15708

    The Era of Warfare under Philip II & Alexander the Great, 359-323BC. Macfarland 1998. Hardback. Illus. Almost as new. gg4


    ASHMOLE, BERNARD - An Autobiography 1894-1988 - SKU: 33945

    Edited by Donna Kurtz.  Oxford 1994 Oxbow Books. pp. xvii + 236; illustrated throughout. Hardback in laminated boards. As new. S3  [L]


    ASTIN A.E. - Scipio Aemilianus. - SKU: 16588

    Oxford U.P.1967. 1st edn. D/w. V.gd. ee1


    ASTIN ALAN E. - Cato The Censor - SKU: 1219

    Oxford 1978. Clarendon Press. pp. x+371. Hardback with dust jacket. Bookplate. Very good apart from faded d/j  spine.  ee5


    ATKINS M. & OSBORNE R. (ed). - Poverty in the Roman World - SKU: 22497

    Cambridge U.P. 2006. D/w. Almost as new. A2


    AUGUSTUS (ed. HARDY, E.G.) - The Monumentum Ancyranum - SKU: 80921

    Edited by E.G. Hardy. Oxford 1923 Clarendon Press. pp. 166. Hardback in burgundy cloth, gilt titles. Spine worn at head and tail and text block yellowed, but good condition overall.


    AUSTIN M. & VIDAL-NAQUET P. - Economic and Social History of Ancient Greece - SKU: 32071

    An Introduction. London, B.T.Batsford, 1977. Hardback w. d/w. Sig. V.gd. gg2


    AUSTIN, M.M. - The Hellenistic World from Alexander to the Roman Conquest - SKU: 82251

    A Selection of Ancient Sources in Translation. Cambridge 1981 CUP. pp. xvii + 488; 5 maps. Hardback with dust jacket. Very good condition.