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Catalogue No. 95 titles will be moved into the Members' Area in the middle of November.

The general booklists are constantly being updated and new titles do appear on a regular basis. OCTs and Loebs turn over more quickly than other stock, so if you are looking for a specific title which does not appear in the relevant book list please contact us.


PURCHASES 2016-03-15

Any potential sellers hoping to dispose of libraries in 2017 are advised that we are not making any further purchases unless discussions have already been concluded - or under exceptional circumstances.

Potential sellers hoping to dispose of libraries at the end of the 2017-2018 academic year are asked to get in contact in good time, as space for book storage will be limited.

We are keen to acquire used copies of Greek and Latin Teubner editions, as well as India paper editions of Oxford Classical Texts (maroon covers). For all other texts such as Loeb and (blue cover) OCT the supply currently exceeds demand so we will not be making further offers for small parcels of these books unless they are in exceptionally good condition, part of a larger library or are of special interest.