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AELIAN - De Natura Animalium Libri XVII - [SKU: 15913]

Cum animadversionibus ..... curante Abrahamo Gronovio... 2 vols. Londini, Excudit Guilelmus Bowyer 1744. 4to., 18thC. calf w. rubbed gilt spines. Edges worn & hinges cracked. Contents Still an attractive set. XIV+XXVII +index+604pp; 605-1128pp+index. St - £275.00


AESCHYLUS - Tragoediae Septem cum Versione Latina - [SKU: 19847]

2 vols. Edited by Porson. Same text as 1795 edn. Glasguae, Foulis 1794. Londini, T.Payne & Oxoniae J.Cooke. 1806. Sm. thick 8vo. Modern cloth binding w. ’Aeschyli’ on spines. A few ink annotations in an early hand. Page edges uncut. Occ. foxing. Lower margin cropped at pages 3 & 4. 4ff+254 double pps; 2ff+202 double pps. Gaskell 702. A good set, but in a utilitarian binding. G2 - £145.00


AESOP - Fables - [SKU: 35135]

and other eminent mythologists: with morals and reflections by Sir Roger L’Estrange. 8th edn. London, Bettesworth etc. 1738. Early calf w. red title label. Binding rubbed & worn at edges. Fairly lengthy inscription on endpaper. Engr. frontis. + portrait. 6ff+33pp+7pp+548pp. St - £195.00


ARISTAENETUS - Epistolae - [SKU: 35067]

Graece cum versione Latina et notis Josiae Merceri, curante J.C. de Pauw. Trajecti ad Rhenum, apud H. Besseling. 1737. 12mo. Contemporary vellum, sl. soiled. Lacks endpapers. Sigs of W.L.Lorimer & Francis Bacon. 12ff+288pp. A nice copy. St - £80.00


ATHENAEUS - Ex recensione Guil Dindorfii - [SKU: 28657]

3 vols. Lipsieae, Libraria Weidmannia 1827. Full calf w. dulled gilt spines. Red & green labels. Bindings rubbed. Some corners bumped. Poor quality paper, foxed throughout, o/w. a sound set. XX+1897pp. St. - £120.00


AUGUSTINE - De Civitate Dei - [SKU: 37355]

S.Aurelii Augustini Hipponensis Episcopi de Civitate Dei Libri XIII. Lipsiae sumptibus et typis Caroli Tauchnitii 1825. Tomus I continet libri I-XIII; Tomus II continet libri XIV-XXII. Both original volumes in one mid-20th century binding, hardback, black buckram with simple gilt lettering on spine. Original contents very good, text is clean and unmarked, some foxing to title pages of both volumes as well as to the opening and closing pages of each. Binding is of good quality and still tight, with plain end papers. - £150.00


BASIL - Opera Omnia quae Exstant - [SKU: 35435]

Opera et Studio Omni J. Garnier. 2nd. Paris edn. 3 vols in 6. Paris, apud Gaume Fratres 1839. Sm. 4to. 1/2 leather. Bindings worn & hinges mostly split. Contents gd. Bkpl. Parallel Greek and Latin text. Not an attractive set, but sound. - £140.00


BEATSON B. & BECK C. - Index Graecitate Aeschyleae, Sophocleae, Euripideae - [SKU: 29615]

3 vols. Cantabrigiae, W.Grant. 1830, 30, 29. Full calf w. gilt crests of St. Pauls School. Spines sl. rubbed. A.e.g. Prize bkpl. for F.M.Cornford + sig. of Eric Handley. A nice set. Includes a MS copy of the prize-winning Greek verses by F.M.C. st - £120.00


BEAUFORT M. - Le Republique Romaine - [SKU: 35419]

ou le plan general de l’ancien gouvernment de Rome.... 6 vols., complete. Paris, Chez Saillant et Desaint 1767. 12mo. Full 18th C. mottled calf w. dec. gilt spines. Marbled endpapers. 7 folding pls. A charming little set, in excellent condition, and attractively bound. St. - £300.00


BERGK T. - Poetae Lyrici Graeci - [SKU: 35433]

2nd. edn. rev. Lipsiae, apud Reichenbachios 1853. 1/2 calf. Spine rubbed & worn at edges. Title label missing. Contents gd. XIV+1093pp. - £65.00


BOECKH A. - The Public Economy of Athens - [SKU: 28839]

Translated from the German (by G.Cornwall Lewis). 2 vols. London, J.Murray. 1828. 1/2 calf w. marbled bds. Spines sl. rubbed. Bd. corners sl. worn. Folding inscription. Bkpl. XXIX+393pp; 1f+513+errata leaf. A good clean set. ST - £80.00


BOETHIUS - Consolationis Philosophiae Libri V - [SKU: 35137]

Eiusdem Opuscula Sacra. Cum integris notis.... Lugduni Batavorum, Ex Officina Hackiana 1671. Early calf, rebacked & repaired at corners. New endpapers. Bkpl. Engr. title + portrait. 22ff+324pp+6ff. A sound copy. St. - £150.00


BOTHE F. (ed.) - Poetarum Comicorum Graecorum Fragmenta - [SKU: 15989]

Post A. Meineke recognovit et Latine transtulit F. Bothe. Accessit Index Nominum et Rerum quem construxit I. Hunzicker. Paris, F. Didot 1855. 4to. 1/2 leather w. gilt spine, worn at head. Bd. corners worn. Marbled bds., edges & endpapers. Contents Bkpl. + sig. 807pp. A sound copy. - £80.00


CAELIUS AURELIANUS - De Morbis Acutis et Chronicis Libri VIII - [SKU: 25663]

J.C.Amman recensuit.... Amstelaedami, ex Officiana Wetsteniana. 1709. Sm. 4to. Vellum w. faint lettered title. Binding rubbed. 1 text engr. Scarce. A nice copy. Engr. frontis. +1f+32pp+728pp. ST - £350.00


CAESAR J. - Commentarii De Bello Gallico et Civili - [SKU: 10537]

Accedunt Libri.... E nuperrima recensione I. Oberlini. 2 vols in 1. Augustae Taurinorum, Ex Typis Viduae Pomba 1818. Vellum, spine soiled w. chipped title labels. A sound copy. Port. frontis. + XXXVI+582pp; 323pp. St. - £70.00


CLAUDIAN - Quae Exstant - [SKU: 29595]

Varietate lectionis et perpetua adnotatione illustrata a I.M.Gesnero. Accedit index uberrimus. Lipsiae in Officina Fritschia. 1759. Calf, spine worn. Contents foxed throughout. 5ff+720pp+index. "Editio Optima". (Harwood). - £90.00


CLAUDIANUS - Opera quae exstant Omnia - [SKU: 11824]

Cum notis integris auctioribus N. Heinsii et ineditis P. Burmanni cum curis secundis N. Heinsii et adnotationibus P. Burmanni Secundi. Amstelaedami, Ex Officina Schoteniana 1760. 4to. Contemp. vellum, soiled. Lettered title. 2ff, 44pp, XXXII, 2ff, 1112pp (including index & errata). Generally, a good, sound copy. Schweiger 284. "Unquestionably a very superior edition". (Dibdin 1, 472). St. - £300.00


CLINTON H.F. - Fast Hellenici & Fasti Romani - [SKU: 34776]

The Civil & Literary Chronology of Greece and Rome from the CXXIV Olympiad to the Death of Augustus, plus From the death of Augustus to the Death of Justin II. (vol.2 of Fasti Romani Appendix from the Death of Augustus to the Death of Heraclius). 5 vols in all. Oxford University Press 1834, 41 (3rd edn.), 34, 45, 50. 4to. 1/2 calf w. marbled bds, edges and endpapers. Vol.3 rear bd. almost detached, vol.2 has weak front hinge. Otherwise a most handsome set, uniformly bound. Sig. St. - £350.00


COBET C.G. - Variae Lectiones - [SKU: 19899]

quibus continentur Observationes criticae in Scriptores Graecos. 2nd edn. Leiden, E.J. Brill 1873. 1/2 calf w. scratched marbled bds. Spine rubbed. Ex-school library w. stamps & bkpl. Internal hinge cracked. XXXV+681pp. A sound copy. St - £40.00


COBET C.G. - Novae Lectiones - [SKU: 25715]

Quibus continentur Observationes Criticae in Scriptores Graecos. Leiden, E.J.Brill. 1858. 1/4 worn cloth w. orig. wraps bound in. Hinges split.   Sig. of J.Enoch Powell. Pencil notes on endpaper (by Powell?). XXIV+890pp. First Edition. ST - £60.00


COBET C.G. - Miscellanea Critica - [SKU: 25709]

Quibus continentur Observationes Criticae in Scriptores Graecos praesertim Homerum et Demosthenem. Lugd. Batav. E.J.Brill. 1876. 1/2 morocco w. orig. wraps bound in. Spine sl. faded & rubbed. Ex.- Pembroke College, Oxford w. stamps. Gen. XX+616pp. ST - £60.00


CORNELIUS NEPOS - Vitae Excellentium Imperatorum - [SKU: 28841]

Cum notis selectis.. suas notas addidt. A. van Staveren. 2nd edn. Lugduni Batavorum, S. & J. Luchtmans. 1773. Vellum w. lettered title. Binding rubbed. Engr. title+2nd title+14ff+832pp+index. A sound copy. ST - £110.00


CYRILLUS - Opera quae supersunt Omnia - [SKU: 35149]

Ed. W.C. Reisch & J. Rupp. 2 vols in 1. Lentner, Munich 1848. 1/2 vellum w. red cloth bds. Titlepage plus a few other pages foxed. Occ. pencil marks, plus a few in red crayon. Contents otherwise Bkpl. A sound copy. CLXII+321pp; IV+495pp. St - £40.00


DICTYS CRETENSIS & DARES PHRYGIUS - De Bello Troiano Historia - [SKU: 15171]

Parisiis, apud H. de Mrnes, sub Pelicano, Monte D. Hilarii 1564. 16mo. Early limp vellum w. indistinct lettered title. Binding soiled. Early script on rear e.p. 208pp. Woodcut on titlepgae + crossed-out sig. An attractive little book. St - £125.00


DINDORF W. (ed). - Poetae Scenici Graeci - [SKU: 13022]

6th edn. London, J. Parker 1876. Sm.4to. 1/2 morocco w. gilt spine. A very good, clean copy in excellent condition. - £70.00


DINDORF W. (ed.) - Poetarum Scenicorum Graecorum Fabulae Superstites et Perditarum Fragmenta - [SKU: 28843]

8th edn. London, Parker. 1893. Sm. 4to., full vellum w. brownleather title label. Spine sl. rubbed. Crest on bds. Front free endpaper written over, o/w. a good sound copy. 2ff+748pp. ST - £70.00


DIOGENES LAERTIUS - De Clarorum Philosophorum Vitiis - [SKU: 35421]

Dogmatibus et Apophthegmatibus libri Decem. Ed. C. Cobet. Accedunt Olympiodori...... A. Westmanno et J. Boissonadio edentibus. Graece et Latine cum indicibus. Paris, Firmin-Didot 1878. Sm. 4to. 1/2 leather w. paper bds. Some wear to spine edges. Page 15 detached. Bkpls. of Bernard Ashmole & P.M. Fraser, w. notes "P.F. from B.A." Slight yellowing to contents, o/w. gen. sound. St - £80.00


ELLIS R. - A Commentary on Catullus - [SKU: 34985]

2nd.edn. Oxford U.P. 1889. Full calf w. gilt spine & crest. Manchester Grammar School prize. Spine sl. rubbed, o/w. a nice copy. LXXII+516pp. HB - £40.00


EURIPIDES - Tragoediae Priores Quatuor - [SKU: 15089]

Ad fidem MS emendatae..... edidit R. Porson. Recensuit suasque notulas subjecit J. Scholefield. Cantabrigiae, Typis Academicis 1826. First collected edition. 1/2 calf w. rubbed marbled bds. Some light spotting. 2 sigs. VIII+542pp. - £160.00


EURIPIDES - Fragmenta - [SKU: 16852]

iterum edidit, Perditorum Tragicorum Omnium nunc primum collegit Fr. Guil. Wagner. With:- CHRISTUS PATIENS, Ezechieli et Christianorum Poetarum Reliquiae Dramaticae. Ed. Fr. Dubner. Paris, Firmin-Didot 1878. Sm.4to., calf w. dulled gilt spine. Front hinge cracked. Marbled edges & endpapers. Bkpl. of Ampleforth College + crest of University College London. A nice copy. - £80.00


EURIPIDES - Quae extant Omnia - [SKU: 28845]

Tragoediae XX, Fragmenta, Epistolae V. Nunc primum..... Scholia demum doctorum virorum. Ex. editione Iosuae Barnesii, Samuelis Musgravii. Curavit C. Beckius. 3 vols. Lipsiae, sumptu E. Suikerti. 1778, 79, 88. 4to., full calf. Hinges split & weak. Gilt spines w. red & green labels. Engr. portrait (foxed). Contents mostly yellowed & lightly foxed. Bkpl. 3ff+54pp+1f+701pp; 2ff+564pp; XXII+1090pp. "An excellent edition". (Dibdin). ST - £390.00


EURIPIDES - Supplices Mulieres - [SKU: 35111]

Ad. Codd. MSS recensitum: et versione correcta, notis uberioribus illustratum. Accedit de Graecorum quinta declinatione imparisyllabica, et inde formata Latinorum Tertia, Quaestio Grammatica. Londini, Guil Bowyer 1763. 4tol Full calf w. dulled gilt spine. Front board almost detached. Sig. on titlepage. Contents VI+1f+288pp+1f. According to Dibdin, this edition was seen through the press by Jortin, as Markland was indisposed. Scarce. St - £270.00


FARNELL G.S. (ed). - Greek Lyric Poetry - [SKU: 35145]

A Complete Collection of the Surviving Passages. London, Longmans 1891. Full calf w. gilt spine. Marbled edges and endpapers. Gilt crest of King’s School Canterbury on front bd. Slight wear to hinges, o/w. 490pp. A nice prize binding. St - £40.00


FLAVIUS JOSEPHUS - De Bello Judaico Libri Septem - [SKU: 13979]

Ad fidem Codicum emendavit... E. Cardwell. 2 vols. Oxonii, e Typographeo Academico 1837. Paper bds w. cloth spines. Ex.-Queens’ College Cambridge library w. stamps on titlepages, bkpls. & unsightly labels on spines. Title labels soiled. Contents & bindings sound.  - £60.00


GEOGRAPHIAE VETERES SCRIPTORES GRAECI MINORES - Cum Interpretatione Latina, dissertationibus ac annotationibus - [SKU: 25667]

4 vols. Ed. J.Hudson et al. Oxoniae e theatro Sheldoniano. 1698-1717. 19th morocco, spines dulled. Hinges rubbed, but generally a nice set of this extremely scarce work. Many copies were apparently destroyed by fire at the Sheldonian, according to Muller (vol.1 of his G.G.M. 1855 p.111). Engr. frontiss. 4 folding maps. Some light foxing & offsetting in vol.2. Writing on e.p.s. vol.3. Hoffmann 3, p.354. 9ff+172pp+2ff+6pp+3ff+69pp+25pp+1f+38pp+1f+89pp+1f+94+index & omissa; 8ff+208pp+2ff+31pp+1f+55pp+1f+50pp+1f+61pp+1f+229pp+44pp+index & omissa; 6ff+23pp+1f+16pp+1f+20pp+22pp+32pp+80pp+152pp+49pp+42p+index; 4ff+67pp+1f+XIII+199pp+36pp+28pp+18pp+1f+83pp+index. ST - £450.00


GESNER J.M. (ed). - Chrestomathia Graeca, - [SKU: 3140]

sive Loci Illustres ex optimis Scriptoribus dilecti...... iterum editi notulis brevibus et indices copioso. Lipsiae, apud J. Schusterum 1734. 12mo., vellum w. faint lettered title & date. 12ff + 250pp + index. A good copy. - £65.00


HARPOCRATION - Lexicon Decem Oratorum - [SKU: 25671]

Nicolaus Blancardus... emendavit, disposuit, latine vertit..., subjiciuntur P.Maussaci... H. Valesii Notae. Lugd. Batav. J.Gelder & J. de la Font. 1683. Sm. 4to., vellum, rubbed & lightly scratched. Indistinct lettered title. Light damp marks 1st pps. Gen. a nice copy. 12ff+432pp+141pp+11pp. ST - £210.00


HIEROCLES - Commentarius in Aurea Carmina, de providentia et fata - [SKU: 25721]

Ed. P. Needham. Cantabrigiae, typis Academicis. 1709. Calf, rebacked. New endpapers. Gen. gd. 16ff+XLII+467pp+index. ST - £120.00


HIERONYMUS FRACASTORIUS - Poemata Omnia - [SKU: 25723]

Accesserunt Reliquiae Carminum.....Poetarum Veronensium. Patavii, excudebat J.Cominus. 1718. Calf, rebacked. Bd. corners worn. Engr. portrait & vignettes. Includes the famous poem on Syphilis. 3ff+XL+242pp+2ff. ST - £110.00


HIPPOCRATES - Et Aliorum Medicorum Veterum Reliquiae. - [SKU: 13982]

Ed. F. Ermerins. Vol.3 only. Trajecti ad Rhenum, apud Kemink et Filium 1864. 4to. Orig. 1/2 cloth. Some pps uncut. A little foxing.  - £60.00


HIPPOCRATES - Et aliorum Medicorum Veterum Reliquiae - [SKU: 13983]

Ed. F. Ermerins. Vol.1 only. Trajecti ad Rhenum, apud Kermink et Filium 1859. 4to. 1/2 cloth, spine worn & front hinge partly split. Some pps uncut. Occ. foxing.  - £40.00


HISTORIAE AUGUSTAE SCRIPTORES VI - Spartianus, Capitolinus et al. - [SKU: 19305]

Cum integris notis I. Casauboni, Cl. Salmasii et J. Gruteri. 2 vols. Lugduni Batav. Ex Officina Hackiana 1671. Full panelled calf, gilt spines, dulled & worn. Defective labels. Hinges cracked. Bkpl. Contents 2 engr. titles. 8ff+1049pp+indices; 866pp+indices. - £100.00


HOOKE N. - The Roman History from the Building of Rome - [SKU: 34989]

to the ruin of the Commonwealth. 4 vols. Vols. 1 & 2 4th edn., 3 & 4 1st edns. London, J & R. Tonson etc. 1766, 66, 67, 71. 4to. Full calf w. gilt spines, now dulled & worn at edges. Hinges split. Engr. frontiss. 28 plates & maps, many double-page or folding. A rather rough set externally, but contents, apart from some offsetting, are excellent. 2ff+XLVI+XLVI+634pp; XXXII+XXXIII+668pp; VI+694pp; VII+464pp+index. - £240.00


JANNOTIUS D. - Dialogi de Repub. Venetorum, cum notis... - [SKU: 2881]

 Lugd. Batav. Ex officina Elzeviriana 1631. (2nd titlepage dated 1642). 24mo., later black morocco, rubbed. A.e.g. 7 pls., mostly folding. 1st pub. 1540. 1st Elzevir edn. 2ff + 467pp + 9ff. Willems 353 (no mention of pls). St - £275.00


KEMPHER G. (ed). - Poetae Latini Rei Venaticae Scriptores - [SKU: 15761]

et Bucolici Antiqui. Videlicet Gratii Falisci, atque M. Aurelii Olympii Nemesiani, Cynegeticon Halieuticon et De Aucupio. Cum notis integris... Lugduni Batavorum et Hagae Comitum, apud J. Langerak etc. 1728. 4to. Full 18th C. speckled calf w. decorative gilt spine. Slight wear to raised bands & bd. edges, but generally an attractive binding in good condition. Mabled endpapers, sl. worn. 2 bkpl. Occ. light foxing. Engr. frontis.+31ff+583pp+25pp+335pp. Handwritten Medieval Latin poem on p. 572. St - £325.00


KEMPHER G. (ed). - Poetae Latini Rei Venaticae Scriptores - [SKU: 35865]

Et Bucolici Antiqui. .... Cum notis integris.... Lugduni Baravorum et Hagae Comitum, Apud J. Langerak etc. 1728. 4to. Full vellum w. gilt crest. New black title labels. Good condition. Engr. frontis. + 31ff + 531pp+25pp+335pp. St - £295.00


LEO MAGNUS - Opera Omnia - [SKU: 35789]

post Paschasii Quesnelli recensionem.......adduntur etiam quaecumque in Quesnellia editione inveniuntur, eaque ad crisin revocantur: curantibus Petro et Hieronymo Balleriniis. 3 vols. Venetiis apud Simonem Occhi 1753. Folio, half vellum w. marbled bds. Brown title labels. Lib. stamp on endpapers. A good, solid set. LXXXII+1582 columns; XVI columns + 1668 columns; 6ff+CCCXX+2000 columns. N.B.heavy set. st. - £240.00


LIPSIUS I. - De Militia Romana Libri Quinque - [SKU: 25675]

Commentarius ad Polybium. E parte prima Historicae Facis. 2 pts in 1. Antverpiae, ex Officina Plantiniana apud Viduam et J.Moretum. 1596 & 5. 4to., 1/2 calf rebacked. Worn marbled bds. Sm. wormhole 1st pps. Interesting text engravings, some full page. Lacks folding plan. Contents sl. yellow. A sound copy. Adams 781. 8ff+330pp; 292pp+4ff ST - £300.00


LONGINUS - De sublimitate Commentarius - [SKU: 23985]

quem nova versione donavit, notis illustravit.....Zacharias Pearce. 3rd edn. London, J. & R.Tonson & J.Watts. 1743. 18th Calf w. gilt spine, worn head & tail. Red title label. Sigs on (G.Davison, Clare College 1755). Engr. frontis. XXXV+301pp+4pp (addenda etc.)+indices. A nice copy - £110.00


LONGUS - Pastoralia - [SKU: 10958]

E Codd. Mss. duobus Italicis primum graece integra edidit P. Courier. Exemplar romanum emendatius et auctius typis recudendum curavit G. de Sinner. Paris, F. Didot 1829. 1/4 green calf w. red title label. Marbled bds & endpapers. Contents foxed in places. LXII+if+212pp. A sound copy. - £60.00


LUCAN - Pharsalia - [SKU: 29609]

Sive belli Civilis Libri Decem. Cum Scholiaste, huiusque inedito et notis integris.... curante F.Oudendorpio. Lugd. Batav. S. Luchtmans. 1728. 4to., vellum, rubbed & sl. buckled. Worn title label. Front hinge split. Still a handsome copy. Ex.- Winchester College library w. number on spine & bkpl. Engr. frontis. Folding map. Page 243 torn & duplicated at end. 3ff+966pp+indices & errata. - £180.00


LUCAN - Pharsalia - [SKU: 29627]

Com commentario P. Burmanni. Leidae, apud C.Wishoff etc. 1740. 4to., vellum w. mottled bds & speckled edges. Rear bd. has chewed patch along foreedge. Final 4 leaves + some others lightly browned. A few marginal wormholes in preface. Vig. on title. 26ff+735pp+indices & errata. - £170.00


MARTIALIS - Epigrammata - [SKU: 35147]

Cum notis Franabii et variorum.... accurante C. Shreveli. Lugd. Batavorum, Ex Officina Hackiana 1670. Early vellum, plain spine, soiled & rubbed w. small defective patch at tail. Title page partially detached. Contents gd. Engr. title+11ff+794pp+46pp. St - £110.00


NIEBUHR B. - The History of Rome - [SKU: 35429]

Trans. J. Hare & C. Thirlwall. Vols 1 & 2. (3rd vol. pub. later). Cambridge, J. Taylor 1828 & 32. 1/2 calf w. marbled bds. A sound set. - £60.00


OPPIAN - De Venatione Lib.IV De Piscatu Lib V. - [SKU: 25727]

Cum interpretatione latina.... studio et opera C. Rittershusii. Lugduni Batavorum, Ex. Officina Plantiniana. 1595. 12mo. Calf, rebacked preserving label. Contents yellowed & sometimes offset. Some early underlinings. Collates as Adams 207 (1597). 43ff+376pp+index+344pp+164pp (scholia)+2ff. ST - £375.00


ORATORES ATTICI - Antiphon, Andocides etc. - [SKU: 16174]

Ed. C. Muller. Accedunt Scholia.... 2 vols. Paris, F. Didot 1847. Sm.4to. 1/4 cloth w. marbled bds., now sl. worn at edges. Stamp on titlepages. A little light foxing, contents 831pp. Greek text w. Latin translation. f3 - £70.00


OVERBECK J. - Geschichte der Griechischen Plastik - [SKU: 23989]

fur Kunstler und Kunstfreunde. 2nd.edn. 2 vols. in 1. Leipzig, J. Heinrich 1869-70. Large 8vo., orig. 1/2 leather. spine rubbed in places. Ex-Worcester College library w. stamp & bkpl. Many folding pls. & other illus. Contents excellent - binding solid. - £60.00


OVERBECK J. - Pompeiji. - [SKU: 28849]

in seinen Gebauden, Altertumern und Kunstwerken... 2nd edn. enlarged. 2 vols in 1. Leipzig, W.Englemann. 1866. 1/2 leather w. dulled gilt spine. Bds. discoloured & sl. worn. Many illus. + full page pls. (some offsetting) + 2 large folding plans. 1 double-page coloured pl. XVIII+346pp; IX+261pp. T.e.g. A slightly worn copy, but generally sound. ST - £70.00


PETRONIUS ARBITER - Satyricon, cum Fragmento nuper Tragurii reperto - [SKU: 32395]

Accedunt diversorum Poetarum Lusus in Priapum, Pervigilium Veneris... Concinnante Michaele Hadrianide. Amstelodami, Typis J. Blaev 1669 & 1670. 2 pts in 1. Later brown morocco w. marbled endpapers & gilt spine. Page 49 loose. A few illus. in notes. Engr. frontis.+17ff+558pp+index (18ff)+168pp+ index(4ff)+4ff+70pp+32pp. An attractive copy in sound condition. St. - £180.00


PHILOXENUS (Bishop of Mabbogh 485-519) - The Discourses - [SKU: 25729]

Ed. from Syriac MSS w. English trans. by E.Wallis Budge. 2 vols. (syriac text; intro & trans). London, Asher 1893. 1/2 worn leather. Front hinge vol. 2 weak. Marbled edges + e.p.s. Contents gd. ST - £110.00


PHRYNICHUS - Eclogae Nominum et Varborum Atticorum - [SKU: 13126]

cum notis.... edidit C. Lobeck. Accedunt Fragmenta Herondiani.... Leipzig, Weidmann 1820. 1/2 calf w. red label. Spine sl. rubbed. Internal hinge cracked. Titlepage heavily foxed. Sig. of W. L. Lormer & F. Madan. LXXX+841pp. - £60.00


PINTO G. - Storia della Medicina in Roma - [SKU: 9636]

al Tempo dei Re e della Repubblica. Investigazione e Studi. Roma, Tipografia Artero 1879. 1/2 dark green morocco. Marbled endpapers. Folding plan. Ex-Worcester College Oxford library w. stamp on titlepage and bkpl. Remains of label on spine. Otherwise a nice copy. - £50.00


PLAUTUS - Comoediae Viginti et Fragmenta - [SKU: 29611]

Ed. J. Operarius. In Usum Serenissimi Delphini. 2 vols. Paris, apud F.Leonard. 1679. 4to., panelled calf w. rubbed gilt spine. Vol.2 spine torn at head & worn. Engr. title+2nd title+60ff+812pp; 1f+586pp+lengthy index & Privilege du Roy. A reasonably good set of the first Delphine edn., slightly marred by the wear of the spine head of vol.2. - £160.00


PLINIUS SECUNDUS - Naturalis Historia - [SKU: 28853]

Cum selectis doctorum virorum commentariis. 3 vols. Lugd. Batav. Ex. Officina Hackiana. 1669. Vellum w. lettered titles. Bindings rubbed. Attractive engr. titles to all vols. 2nd title+6ff+80pp+838pp+indices; 917pp+indices; 853pp+indices. Bkpl. & sigs. An attractive set of the Variorum edn. in good condition. ST - £400.00


PLINY THE YOUNGER - The Letters - [SKU: 35161]

With observations on each letter and an Essay on Pliny’s Life ... by John Earl of Orrery. 2 vols. London, P. Vaillant 1752. 18th C. Calf, worn at edges. Hinges cracked. Attractive vignettes on titlepages & at beginning and end of each book. Although rather worn, still an attractive set. 2ff+LXXV+397pp+17ff; 2ff+450pp+26ff. St - £160.00


POLYBIUS - Historiarum quae Supersunt - [SKU: 28855]

Interprete |I. Casaubono.... accurante J. Gronovio. 3 vols. Amstelodami, apud J. Janssonium etc. 1670. Vellum w. turned foreedges & lettered titles, sl. soiled. Engr. title+3ff+908pp; 1f+909-1642pp; 1f+1643-1816pp+1f; 462pp+bl.+78pp (index & errata). Bkpl. ST - £360.00


POMPEIUS FESTUS - De Verborum Significatione Libri XX. - [SKU: 29613]

Ex editione A. Dacerii.... In usum Delphini. 2 vols. London, A.J.Valpy 1826. 1/2 black leather w. marbled bds & e.p.s. Spines sl. rubbed. Bkpl. + old sigs. IV+660pp; 1f+661-1238pp+1f+XXXIX. Generally a good, clean set. - £75.00


PRIMATT W. - Accentus Redivivi - [SKU: 29603]

or a Defence of an accented pronunciation of Greek Prose..... Cambridge, J.Bentham. 1764. Calf, worn at hinges. Sig. of Stephen MacKenna. XXIV+422pp+index & errata - £60.00


PRUDENTIUS - Opera Omnia - [SKU: 35177]

In Usum Delphini variis lectionibus notis variorum.... 3 volume set. London, A.J.Valpy 1824. 1/2 calf w. marbled bds. Spines rubbed. A good, clean set. VII+560pp; 2ff+561-1120pp; 2ff+1121-1540pp+CCV. St - £90.00


ROLLIN M. - The Ancient History of the Egyptians, Carthaginians, Assyrians, Babylonisna, Medes & Persians et al, - [SKU: 35107]

Translated from the French. New edn. 6 volume set. London, Longmans 1839. Full calf w. decorative gilt spines. But hinges weak and partially split. Also wear to spine heads & tails. Many folding maps & engravings. Contents St - £90.00


SCHUCHHARDT C. - Schliemann’s Excavations. - [SKU: 3997]

An Archaeological and Historical Study. Trans. E. Sellers. London, MacMillan 1891. Orig. cloth, now worn. Ex.-St. John’s College Oxford w. stamps etc. 2 portraits, 7 maps, most folding, + numerous illus.  - £40.00


SCRIPTORES REI RUSTICAE - Illustravit I.G.Schneider - [SKU: 25677]

3 vols. (Cato, Varro, columella, Palladius). Lipsiae, C.Fritsch. 1794-5. 19th calf w. marbled endpapers & edges. Foxing & offsetting in vol. 3. 2 vols lack vol. number labels. Gen. a nice set. Frontis+1f+XIV+358pp+1f+682pp+corrigenda; 2ff+670pp+717pp; XVI+391pp+224pp. ST - £375.00


SENECA - Tragoediae - [SKU: 29623]

Cum notis integris J.F. Gronovii, et selectis.... ed J.C.Schroderus. Delphis, apud A.Beman. 1728 4to/. full speckled calf. Front bd. scratched. Front hinge split. Worn patches on spine. Contents gen. gd., though there is some light browning. Frontis. + 62ff+802pp+lengthy indices - £110.00


SIDONIUS - Opera - [SKU: 35867]

Iac. Sirmondi Societ.Iesu cura et studio recognita, notisque illustrata. Editio secunda. Paris, S. Cramoisy 1652. Sm. 4to. Worn early calf. Front hinge split. Old lib. label on front bd. Contents 8ff+418pp+index; 168pp+index & catalogus operum Sirmondi. St - £210.00


SILIUS ITALICUS - Punicorum Libri Septemdecim - [SKU: 36043]

Varietate Lectionis et commentario perpetuo illustravit I.C. Ernesti. 2 vols in 1. Leipsiae, in Libraria Weidmannia 1791. 1/2 parchment w. lettered title on spine. Spine & boards rubbed. Contents A solid copy, though not very attractively bound. LXVIII+524pp; X+362pp+index. St. - £60.00


SOPHOCLES - Tragoediae Septem - [SKU: 13020]

et deperditarum Fragmenta. Ex editionibus et cum annotatione integra Brunckii et Schaefferi.... accedunt notae C. G. Erfurdtii. 3 vols. Oxonii, W. Baxter 1820. 1/2 morocco w. scratched marbled bds. Ink notes on one play (O.T.). Vol.3 has damp-mark 1st few pps. Generally a sound set. Includes Latin translation, fragments & lexicon. - £75.00


STANLEY, A.P. - Sinai and Palestine - [SKU: 36183]

London 1881, John Murray. pp. lviiii + 560 with maps in full colour, plans and illustrations throughout. Bound in full tan calf with raised bands and gilt tooling on spine. Good+ condition: Minor damage to hinge at top front, slight bumping to one corner. Extremely light foxing on some pages. Otherwise a good, sound copy. Sig. of H.J.K.Usher       OV - £80.00


STEPHANUS - De Urbibus - [SKU: 35869]

quem primus Thomas de Pinedo Latii jure donabat.... Amstelodami, Typis J. de Jonge 1678. Large 4to. Early calf w. early reback. Corners worn. Endpaper detached & internal hinges split. Otherwise sound w. clean contents. 2 early sigs. on titlepage. Vignettes on titlepage & 2nd page. 10ff+800pp+41ff(indices)+errata. An important early source. St - £500.00


SUETONIUS - Opera - [SKU: 7976]

Et in illa Commentarius Samuelis Pitisci, in quo Antiquitates Romanae... Graecis et Latinis. 2nd. edn. 2 vols. Leovardiae, F. Halma 1714 & 15.  4to. Full calf w. dulled gilt spines. Hinges split. Lavishly illustrated with 28 engr. pls., some folding, plus vignettes. A handsome set. 

24ff+724pp; 1f+725-1344pp. St
- £350.00


TATIAN - Oratio ad Graecos - [SKU: 13257]

Hermiae Irrisio Gentilium Philosophorum. Ed vetustis Exemplaribus recensuit... W. Worth. Oxoniae, E Theatro Sheldoniano 1700. Later red morocco w. marbled endpapers. A.E.G. Spine worn. Hinges cracked. Text has been marked in places with indelible crayon. Vignette on 1st title. Bound by J. Clarke. 8ff+252pp. Brunet V. 677. "Edition recherchee et peu commune". - £120.00


TERENTIUS - Comoediae - [SKU: 17429]

with PHAEDRUS Fabulae Aesopiae, Publii Syri et aliorum veterum Sententiae, ex recensione et cum notis R. Bentleii. 1st thus. Cantabrigiae, C. Crownfield 1726. 4to. Calf, rebacked. Board corners repaired. Engr. port.+2 titlepages+3pps+XXV+444pp+2nd titlepage & engr. frontis.+3ff+87pp. Final 2 pps have marginal damp mark. Gen. a sound copy with clean contents. St - £300.00


TERENTIUS - Comoediae Sex - [SKU: 29629]

Commentario perpetuo.... observationibus....curavit A.H.Westerhovius. 2 vols. Hagae Comitum apud P.Gosse. 1726. 4to., vellum w. speckled bds & edges. Spines sl. soiled & marked. Dampstaining affecting lower margin throughout. Engr. titles. 2nd title+4ff+LXXXIX+2ff+859pp; 860-1240pp+244pp+lengthy index. A sound copy, but marred by the dampmarks. - £120.00


TERENTIUS VARRO - Opera Omnia quae Extant. - [SKU: 29621]

Cum notis J. Scaliegeri, A. Turnebi...... Amstelaedami, apud Jansonium. 1623. Vellum w. lettered title. Bds. sl. rubbed. Engr. title+143pp+1f+index+120pp+index+255pp+index+48pp+2bl+77p+242pp (Fragmenta)+1f. A nice copy. - £165.00


THOMAS MAGISTER - Onomaton Atticon Eklogai. - [SKU: 29271]

Ex dispositione N. Blancardi, cum vetustis... ed. J. Beranrd. Lugd. Batav. P. van Eyck 1757. Vellum w. lettered title. Small splits in spine. Gen. a nice copy. 7ff+936pp+ index & addenda. St. - £110.00


THUCYDIDES - De Bello Peloponnesiaco Libri Octo - [SKU: 34703]

Ad optimum librorum fidem, ex veterum notationibus, recentiorum observationibus recensuit..... F. Goeller. 2 vols. 2nd edn. Lipsiae, in Libraria Caroli Cnobloch 1836. Full mottled calf w. gilt spines & crests on bds. Marbled endpapers. Poor quality paper, often lightly foxed. 5 maps in vol.1, all water-stained. 7 maps in vol.2, some folding. Sig. XVI+676pp; 622pp. An attractive set. St - £60.00


THUCYDIDES - De Bello Peloponnesiaco Libri Octo - [SKU: 34770]

Cum adnotationibus integris H. Stephani... editionem curavit A. Dukerus. Amstelaedami, apud R. & J. Wetstenios & Guil. Smith. 1731. Large folio, vellum. Binding soiled w. small split at head and tail of front hinge. 2 large folding maps + vigs. Fine engr. frontis. + 1/2 title + title + 2ff + 34pp + 728pp + 48pp + 123pp. A handsome copy with excellent contents. ST - £525.00


TIBULLUS - Carmina - [SKU: 29605]

Ex recensione C.Lachmanni passim mutata explicuit L. Dissenius. 2 pts in 1. Gottingae, Dietrich. 1835. 1/2 leather, spine sl. worn. Front hinge cracked. Heavy foxing 1st pps. Occasional foxing throughout. Sig. XCXII+128pp+476pp+1f.  - £40.00


VALERIUS FLACCUS - Argonauticon Libri Octo - [SKU: 36041]

Cum notis integris.... curante Petro Burmanno. Leidae, apud S. Luchtmans 1724. 4to. Vellum w. black title label. Crest on bds. Spine & boards rubbed. Endpapers soiled. Contents gen. gd. A sound copy. Engr. frontis. + large folding portrait of Burmann. Prize leaf dated 1806. 39ff+760pp+indices & errata leaf. St. - £230.00


VALERIUS MAXIMUS - Cum selectis Variorum observat. et nova recensione A. Thysii - [SKU: 29619]

Lugd. Batavorum apud F.Hackium. 1651. Vellum w. turned foreedge & lettered title. Binding rubbed, but sound. Engr. title+7ff+856pp+index. A nice copy. st - £110.00


VALERIUS MAXIMUS - Cum selectis variorum observat: et nova recensione A. Thysii - [SKU: 35569]

Lugd. Batavorum, ex Officina Hackiana 1670. Early mottled calf w. gilt crests on bds. Binding worn at edges and hinges split. Bkpl. of the Earl of Ingestre. Engr. title. 8ff+844pp+index. st - £70.00


VIRGIL - Opera - [SKU: 28865]

A. Forbiger. 3 vols. Leipzig. I.C.Hinrichs. 1836-9. 1/2 leather w. gilt lettering on spines & marbled bds. Poor quality paper, often foxed & yellowed. With index. VI+555pp; 1f+438pp; XIV+679pp. A sound set. ST - £120.00


VIRGIL - Opera - [SKU: 29259]

Cum integris commentariis Servii, Philargyrii, Pierii. ... Ad Cod. MS. Regium Parisiensem recensuit P. Masuicius. 2 vols. Leovardiae, F. Halma 1717. 4to. Vellum w. leather labels. Spines have 2 worn patches. Fine frontispiece, folding map and vignettes. A good set. Frontis.+13ff+index+15ff+717pp; 1f+719-1308pp+indices. st - £460.00


VIRGIL - The Works - [SKU: 35791]

Containing his Pastorals Georgics Aeneis Translated into English Verse by Mr. Dryden. Adorn’d with a hundred sculptures. 2nd.edn. London, J. Tonson 1698. Folio, 19thC. calf, rebacked. 100 fine engr. pls., some waterstained, mainly in margins. Occasional offsetting & dampmarks. Engr. frontis. + 1f + 590pp. St. - £500.00


WEICHERT A. (ed). - Poetarum Latinorum Hostii, Laevii, Calvi, Cinnae, Rufi.... Relquiae - [SKU: 35431]

Leipzig, B.G. Teubner 1830. 1/2 leather. Spine worn & dulled. Small lib. stamp. Contents gd. XII+495pp. - £40.00


WOLLE C. - De Verbis Graecorum Mediis Commentationes - [SKU: 35079]

L. Kusteri I. Clerici S. Clarkii et E. Schmidii recensuit auxit suamque adiecit C. Wolle. 2nd.edn.rev. Lipsiae, Sumtu I.G. Loewii 1752. Modern 1/4 calf w. marbled bds. Occ. light foxing. A good copy. 8ff+374pp+indices. St - £45.00


WORDSWORTH C. - Greece Pictorial Descriptive and Historical - [SKU: 28867]

New edn. London, J.Murray. 1869. Full red morocco. Spine has worn raised bands. Spine edges also worn. A.e.g. Marbled e.p.s. Titlepage & frontis. foxed. 19 engr. pls. (mostly sl. foxed) + numerous text engrs., some full page. Inscription on e.p. A sound copy. XXIV+452pp. ST - £110.00


XENOPHON - De Cyri Institutione Libri Octo - [SKU: 35141]

Graeca recognovit, cum Codice MS Oxoniensi..... T. Hutchinson. 3rd edn. London, J. Bettenham 1738. worn calf. Hinges split. Creased frontis. A few light pencil notes. Last few pps damp-spotted. 2ff+547pp. St - £48.00


XENOPHON - Memorabilium Socratis Dictorum Libri IV - [SKU: 35563]

Recensuit, suisque annotationibus auxit Bolton Simpson. 5th edn. Oxonii, e Theatro Sheldoniano 1780. Calf w. gilt crest of Trinity College, Dublin on bds. Spine rubbed & worn at edges. Sig. of J.V. Luce. 8ff+409pp+indices, errata etc. (17ff). Latin translation under Greek text. St - £60.00


XENOPHON EPHESIUS - Ephesiacorum Libri V - [SKU: 13258]

De Amoribus et Abrocomae. Accedit Versio Latina C. Cocchi, Italica A. Salvini et Gallica D. Lucae. Ex Typographia F. Bonsignori 1781. Sm.4to. 1/4. vellum w. rubbed paper boards, worn at edges. Spine head sl. defective. Indistinct lettered title on spine. A little foxing. 1f+XX+197pp+1f(errata). A multi-language edition with parallel Greek, Latin, Italian, French text. St - £70.00


ZOSIMUS - Historiae Novae Libri Sex - [SKU: 23983]

notis illustrati (by Thomas Spark). Oxonii, E Theatro Sheldoniano. 1679. Later vellum, sl. rubbed. Plain spine. Vignette on titlepage (sl. torn at edge). Sig. 4ff+384pp. A nice copy. St - £150.00